Sunday’s Brooklyn Marathon Will Help Prospect Park Repair Hurricane Damage

The Brooklyn Marathon will be run this Sunday at 8 a.m. The race takes place in Prospect Park and is organized by

In the wake of the cancelled New York Marathon, this week’s race is getting a bit more attention. The organizers are calling it “the New York Marathon that happened.”

“New York needs to heal,” wrote David Alm on the race’s blog, “but it also needs a marathon. And in 2012, we’re here to make that happen.”

The organizers say that although much of the hurricane damage in Prospect Park has been cleaned up, much is still visible. “As of today there are still some low hanging branches on the course and there are many places were there are small piles of leaves on in the rec lane,” reads the race’s website. “There are twigs and branches hidden in them. There are also many park vehicles  parked in the car lane that may force bikers to use the running lane. So, be wary on the course.”

A portion of each runner’s entry fee will help the Prospect Park Alliance repair damage in the park, reports Newsday.

Are you going to the race?


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