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Sunday: Make Sheepshead Bay Road Cleaner During Deutsch Community Clean-Up



By now, we all know the area has a garbage problem. But it’s time to stop griping and start pitching in to make the community better.

Here’s your chance: Councilman Chaim Deutsch is organizing the first street clean-up Sheepshead Bay has seen at least since Sheepshead Bites launched more than six years ago.

The local pol is providing everything you need to lend a hand: shovels, brooms, rakes and bags. All you need to do is show up in some grubby clothes and put in the work.

The clean up kicks off at 10:00 a.m. and lasts until 4:00 p.m. Volunteers will meet at Sheepshead Bay Road and Voorhies Avenue, and the group will go up and down Sheepshead Bay Road and to Emmons Avenue bagging trash and litter for the Department of Sanitation to pick up.

See the flier above for details.

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  1. I’m all for pitching in to make our community better, and appreciate Mr.Deutsch’s ability to organize all this, but does this mean I get a cut of the tax money I am already paying for the sanitation dept to do this work?

    Or is the idea that we pay the Dept. of Sanitation to keep the streets sanitary, move our cars once or twice a week to make it easy for them to clean, realize they’re failing miserably at it, and instead of fixing the problem just go in and do their job for them in the name of “community spirit”?

    Perhaps its time to get rid of the council members who are failing miserably at their jobs and have a Community Legislation event where we do their job for them too. First order of business, come up with a clever name for the event. Needs more alliteration.

  2. Is anyone going to clean up the dude that lives under the Ocean Avenue overpass? That’s where we really need some cleaning.

  3. And who is going to clean up the bums that congregate under the train station on SB Road? They dump garbage all around them, on every wall and then sit in their drunken stupor scaring little children. And police drives by them 100’s times a day and nobody seems to care. Last week one of them got caught doing some indecent stuff in the train station bathroom, it’s a sex assault waiting to happen. But no, let’s treat them with kid gloves….

  4. But Sheepshead Bay Rd is commercial, so it makes sense that once or twice a week wouldn’t be enough of a clean-up. The real crime here is the residents who dump their garbage on the streets, the storeowners who throw their trash in corner bins, and the people who litter.

  5. These bums are a menace to our quality of life. I saw one of these bums publicly masturbating. It was the black dude, who hangs out at Waldbaums.

  6. I don’t even know what could be done about them. Can we at least call the cops when they are visible intoxicated?

  7. “Paolillo said he believes much of the trash he sees comes not from
    locals but from visitors who pass through to take boat tours launching
    from the piers near Emmons Avenue and leave behind their trash when they

    Amen. As if there weren’t enough reasons already to get rid of the party boat-goers who leave their cars parked on our fire hydrants, rampage through the streets at 4am blasting music and yelling, and get into weekly fights that require massive amounts of cops to break up.

  8. Maybe they should remove the stench left behind when a Russian gets on and off the q and b train on their way to and from work. I am surprised that the co-workers of these Russian people do not file complaint at work, stating that they simply cannot tolerate their stench.

  9. The Russian women should not be allowed to wear skirts, when there is a breeze an odor, which is a repulsive mixture of sweat and perfume can be detected as coming from the Russian woman’s vagina.


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