Summer Events at Brooklyn Army Terminal

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SUNSET PARK— The Brooklyn Army Terminal is holding a series of events this summer.

Starting today, the 4 million-square-foot former military supply center by the Sunset Park waterfront at 80 58th St. will in the coming months hold events like concerts and movie viewings.

Here is the summer lineup:

Wednesday, June 5, 6-8 p.m. A “mural visioning session” at the Brooklyn Army Terminal Annex Building, where people can share their ideas for the design of a new community mural, the theme of which is “Quality Jobs in the Sunset Park Industrial Business Zone.” More here.

Saturday, June 29: A festival celebrating Puerto Rican culture at Brooklyn Army Terminal’s Pier 4. More here.

Saturday, July 27: At the Brooklyn Wholesale Meat Market, an open-to-the-public event will be held to allow local residents to give their input on the painting of the mural wall there.

Saturday, July 27: A rooftop film viewing of a movie. (The film is TBD).

Saturday, August 24: At Ferry Plaza, so&so orchestra will perform opera alongside a symphony orchestra.

Wednesday, August 28: The aforementioned mural will be unveiled at a celebration at Brooklyn Wholesale Meat Market.

Thursday, August 29: Another rooftop film screening. Film is TBD and will be announced here.

Saturday, September 8,12-6 p.m.: A block party at Brooklyn Army Terminal, with local artists as well as food and beverage vendors. More info on the Facebook event page.

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Sam Raskin

Sam Raskin has reported for Politico New York, Gotham Gazette, Gothamist and Curbed New York.


  1. Our city is starting to realize they cannot bring manufacturing back to our waterfront so they are becoming more “event” oriented just like the privately owned Industry City. But I’m not as upset by BAT doing this because it will bring Sunset Parkers down to their waterfront – which the City has kept them away from (I still remember when the City paid for a chain link fence from 42nd Street to 51st Street on behalf of a private owner back in 1990). Let’s get down to the waterfront – especially the Wholesale Meat Market – and let’s demand a public esplanade so we can always visit our waterfront – not just during special events (this will be great for employees down there so they can enjoy lunch on the waterfront. But I can’t help but say “The City is finding that it is easier to paint a mural about quality jobs than to create them”….lol

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