Subway Station Rehab Is a Budget Priority for CB14

At this week’s Community Board 14 Budget Committee Meeting, the committee placed high priority on the rehabilitation of the stations at Parkside Avenue, Beverley Road, Cortelyou Road and Church Avenue and the B/Q line as well as 18th Avenue on the F line.

Several issues were brought up in addition to placing security cameras around every station.

The Beverley and Cortelyou Road stations were described as disgusting, narrow and unsafe. The narrowness of the station platforms is likely beyond fixing right now but rehabilitating station houses and walls are plausible. The committee also recommended that Newkirk Avenue’s barrier fencing be upgraded and completed.

Community Board 14 chairman Alvin Berk wondered if the neighbors who made the requests recognized that rehabilitation would significantly interrupt subway service at their local stations. Residents who saw stations such as Avenue H rehabilitated in recent years were unable to use the station for long stretches of time from 2009 to 2011.

In total, three items relating to station rehab were declared priorities for Transit Authority capital funding. The committee’s budget priority proposal will be presented to the entire community at Monday’s monthly meeting. This month’s Community Board 14 meeting is set for October 15 at 7:15 pm at P.S. 249 (18 Marlborough Road on the corner of Caton Avenue). You can read the meeting’s agenda here.

Do we need to rehabilitate these stations? For local residents, is it worth service interruptions that would last for years at a time?


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