Subway Horror After Man Jumps To Death In Front Of C Train

Police and firefighters swarmed the station after the man jumped in front of the train at Rockaway Avenue and Fulton Street. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

BROWNSVILLE – A man apparently committed suicide in front of a Brooklyn bound C train as it rode into the Rockaway Avenue station on Fulton Street in Brownsville Monday afternoon.

A police official said the man, said to be in his 40’s or 50’s but otherwise unidentified, “looked in the eyes of the conductor as it pulled in and then jumped in front of the train.”

Emergency workers try to recover the body of the man under the train at Rockaway Avenue and Fulton Street. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

Horrified passengers looked on in horror as police and firefighters swarmed into the station at about 4 p.m.and climbed under the train to see if the man was still alive, but he was killed on impact, police say.

A firefighter emerges from the Rockaway Avenue station, unable to help the dead man under the train. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

Train service on the southbound A and C train was suspended between Jay St -MetroTech and Broadway Junction in Brooklyn, causing considerable delays. Northbound was restored shortly after the incident.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression and have thoughts of suicide, please reach out for help. The number for the National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-8255.

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Todd Maisel

Todd Maisel

Todd Maisel is an award-winning photographer with more than 35-years, specializing in breaking news. He currently serves as vice president of the New York Press Photographers. He was honored by the National Press Photographers Association and the Uniform Firefighters Association for saving the life of a firefighter he found in debris after the collapse of the World Trade Center, assisting in the rescue of an injured photographer, and for extensive coverage of the attack. Maisel is a graduate of NYU School of Journalism.


  1. I was there I seen the entire thing.. it was absolutely horrific and I seen them retrieve the body I was detained by police officers being I was standing next to him when he jumped in front of the train I seen them retrieve the body from under the train and bring it up to the plattform and cover him in a sheet I also have some footage on my phone it was so sad and I will always carry the incident in my mind as I enter the train station. God bless his faimly my condolences to them

  2. Kelly, I am so sorry that you had to experience something so horrible. Cannot even imagine how traumatized the conductor must be.

  3. Anne the conductor was shaking and kept saying I can’t believe he jumped in front of my train he was very traumatized and in shock I really think it going to be a long process for the conductor he’s going to need much time off to deal with the incident.

  4. Kelly I’m his sister I’m so sorry u and everyone had to witness this I still can’t believe he did this

  5. Sumeet was my class fellow from India living with his parents . All of us are deeply saddened by this incident . It’s unbelievable for us to believe he jumped in front of a train .

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