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Subway Conductor Attacked At Brighton Beach Station

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One of the things we take for granted in this city are the tireless efforts performed by subway conductors. They oversee the same route back and forth, doing their best to get us where we want to go all day long, all while trying their best to keep us safe. Only to have some yahoo attack one of them in the middle of the day.

According to a report in the New York Post, a female subway conductor was punched at 3:00 p.m. at the Brighton Beach station this past Thursday. She was taken to Coney Island Hospital, where her injuries were deemed non-life threatening.

Now that I think about it, I left the Sheepshead Bites offices at 2:30 p.m. last Thursday. If you remember, it was really cold, wet and snowy that day. I was freezing my butt off waiting for an uptown Q at the Sheepshead Bay Road station, watching in increasing annoyance as three express B trains went by with no sight of a Q anywhere.

The train was obviously delayed because of this incident. Another reason to thank the jerk who attacked that conductor.

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  1. if i remember correctly i think i heard that attacking any mta worker would be a charge as assualt on a peace officer. can anybody verify this?

  2. not sure. it is supposed to be up to 7 years in prison for attacking an MTA employee. they compromise too damn much tho.

    this incident also happened on a (5) at President St-Nostrand Ave on the same day.

    I hope both conductors are ok.

  3. I think that was the wrong use of the word incident since an incident is something separate and distinct from any other incident. oops.

    again I hope both C/Rs are ok.

  4. I roomed with a conductor, having been sequestered for a night during jury deliberations. The stories he told me, you have no idea. I won’t go into details but there were stories of him getting hit with fruit and doody, and other wonderful tales. The perpetrators should have their hands placed on the 3rd rail.

  5. any assault on a transit worker is considered a felony, just like assaulting a cop. There are signs on some of the trains and buses to let the public know this,

  6. yes i googled the same thing also. but you didnt mention if it would be charged as assault on a peace officer.

  7. Over the past several years, the NYS Penal Law has upgraded assaults on many public sector workers from a misdemeanor to felony status. MTA employees have been included. Unfortunatley, the TWU, their union, has concluded that assaults on transit workers has gone up rather than down since passage of this law. You noticed that the newest busses have plexiglass shields encasing drivers. this somewhat helps. The problem with subway and bus rage is that poor service is being personalized into assaults on transit workers rather than reforming the MTA top brass.

  8. Wasn’t therre a point where attacking an MTA employee was considered an assault punishable by 7 years in prison and being strictly enforced in Brooklyn? Problem here is the doofuses are under 18.


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