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Students Clean The Streets Around Sheepshead High School Campus



Kudos to the kids from the New Visions Charter School for Advanced Math & Science III, one of the publicly-funded charter schools that moved into the Sheepshead Bay High School campus (3000 Avenue X) last fall. These kids took to the streets around the school last week, cleaning sidewalks and removing several garbage bags of debris and litter.

Here’s what the school’s COO Geri Molloy wrote to us:

Last Tuesday, March 18 2014 the entire New Visions Advanced Math and Science III community left our campus and went into the neighborhood to clean up. Armed with gloves and garbage, Scholars and staff collected over 60 bags of garbage from around the neighborhood.

Way to go!

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  1. All the children who attend PUBLIC SCHOOL deserve a good education. There should be no need for CHARTER SCHOOLS. FIX THE SYSTEM ALREADY!!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! They’re being taught civic responsibility!?? If it takes a ‘charter school’ to do it, then I’m all for charter schools. Bring ’em on. Teach those kids something.

  3. Bloomberg rein of terror is over. All these charter schools close now. Bring back public high schools for ALL children. All men and woman created equal.

  4. WOW!!! J1GAB00S being taught civic responsibility…(Yeah Right…sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm…) This is going to be interesting.

  5. Don’t you have a robe with a hood you need to get dry cleaned? You with your outdated insults. Get some new material, your age is showing.

  6. Yes but if that public school system is an utter failure, perhaps all kids should go to charter schools.

  7. NoChart, what is so wrong with charter schools? At least in charter schools the teachers actually teach and the students actually learn. If you do like it the too bad because they’re here and you can’t change that


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