Storobin’s Even Bigger Rent Problems

Storobin’s Even Bigger Rent Problems

State Senator David Storobin, whose 27th district covers a few blocks in our area, was in the Daily News recently for being taken to court three times in 11 years for nearly $10,000 in rent at Trump Village Apartments in Brighton Beach. The story reported that the back rent was paid off in May 2011.

“It was a one-month thing in each case,” Storobin told the News. “We are talking about a few weeks.”

Well, not quite.

Capital New York’s Azi Paybarah is reporting that Storobin has actually been sued eight times according to Brooklyn housing court records for $24,500.63 for late rent dating back to 2007 and as recently as August 24, 2012.

Storobin has paid off his bill after each suit and resides at the same location today.

Update: Storobin has shaken up his campaign operations and government office, reports the Observer, including his chief of staff, spokesman and campaign manager, according to sources familiar with the decision.


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