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Storobin To Open District Office Next Week, Will Be Kruger’s Old Haunt

Kruger's office after signage was stripped in March.

Newly-sworn in State Senator David Storobin will open his district office to constituents next week, using the former 2201 Avenue U space once occupied by his disgraced predecessor Carl Kruger.

Storobin told Sheepshead Bites this week that he has obtained the keys to the office, and it will be fully staffed by Monday. Constituents can begin stopping by then to talk to staffers about legislation or problems they’re having with city or state authorities.

The office was the longtime haunt of Kruger, who served as state senator for 17 years. He surrendered to authorities on bribery charges in March 2011, resigned and pleaded guilty in December, and in April was sentenced to seven years in prison. Within hours of his resignation, his name was removed from all signage of the 2201 Avenue U office, leaving only the markings of the State Senate and not the representative. Months later, all signage was removed.

The state will now pay to replace the signage that was removed, which will need to be replaced once more in January when the district is eliminated. That intersection will sit on the border of the new District 17 and District 19.

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  1. The state will now pay to replace the signage that was removed, which will need to be replaced once more in January when the district is eliminated. 
    Suggest the state just post a sign that reads: 
    State Senator Whoever.

  2. Conquered territory.

    Maybe he should also rent the vacant “Friends of Carl” storefront a couple of stone throws away from the Senate office. It would be fitting.

  3. The District being eliminated shortly?! As a Public Service, and since I’m sure I’m not the only one, a bit confused about all this, could you explain just who exactly will now be  representing us, and what the new District, we will be gerrymanded into, will consist of ? And as a sidelight, I believe, I can’t be the only one who finds it reprehensible, along with my Yiddishe ancestors, who came to these blessed shores, who among other things believed in the idea of “E Pluribus Unum” that there is talk of creating a so called “Jewish Dsitrict”?! Isn’t that what the Commisars wanted “us” to be part of, when they pushed us, unwittingly, into that ghastly, “Pale of Settlement”?! Shameful, especially for a people of the Book, who supposedly have a keen sense of history, and are products of our memories!

  4. they should just hang digital board there, where you could change names with out changing the board itself.

    on the other note.. I heard that the place was haunted with Crookers essence … be afraid Storobin… be very afraid…. ughghghghhghghghg 

  5. You are right Bruce.  If the guy who represented the status quo had won this race those complaining about how much time is left before the end of the legislative session / district boundaries would be singing a far different tune. 

  6. It is a bad sign to have an office in the same place where Kruger seat before. That’s meand that the Senator’s Storobin seat will not last too long. I would put a sign like”Provisional/Temporary Representation of the district” with out senators name.

  7. No district will have the same lines.  All districts will have new boundaries.  All districts.  All means all and thats all all means.  

  8. What I meant is the new lines were decided upon by a Republican dominated State Senate. Had Fidler won the new lines would still have gone into effect.

  9. I just saw the new sign the other day and I am sickened. First a corrupt is now in prison and now a candidate who corrupted the whole political process is in his place. I have lost all faith in democracy and the election process.   Just wait for the November elections. Those bastards will make Bush v. Gore look legitimate.


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