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Storobin Assists Holocaust Survivor Hit With Illegal Pension Tax From Germany

Image courtesy of the office of State Senator David Storobin

When she was a young girl, Klara Zubutova was detained as a prisoner at a concentration camp. Today, the Holocaust survivor is entitled to pension payments from the German government, which are not subject to taxation.

Last week, Zubutova received a letter in the mail — written in German — from Bundeszentralamt fur Steuern, which is the tax law service of Germany (translated, it means the Federal Central Office for Taxes).

Confused, Zubutova went to see Senator David Storobin’s staff in the hopes that they may help her translate and understand the letter. Turns out, the German agency was trying to collect taxes on Zubutova’s pension payments.

Storobin wrote a letter to the German consulate in New York City, which confirmed the error with a return letter.

According to a release from Storobin’s office, the German consulate replied, “It is a matter of course that Holocaust survivors have to be treated with the highest respect and consideration. I very much regret that those concerned feel inappropriately treated.”

The German government exempted Klara from the taxes.

Storobin urges other survivors who receive any confusing mail to contact his office at (718) 743-8610.

“The German government was contrite when I contacted them. But we just can’t know how common this is,” Storobin said. “My district in Brooklyn has thousands of survivors. Today, they are all senior citizens. I hope that they are not erroneously paying taxes on their German pensions.

“Let me be clear: you don’t owe a dollar to the German government for surviving the Holocaust,” concluded Storobin.

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  1. sounds like an Ad campaign…… She got a letter written in german…. and the first person, the Very First Person she went to was Strorobin…….Really……  does he know how  stupid that sounds.

    Sorry David, i’m not buying your crap.

  2. Funny how during the campaigns you couldn’t find Storobin without a Yarmulke yet here he is at the wailing wall, considered to be the a sacred site for the Jewish people, without one.

  3. You know…. i wanted to say BUSTED!

    but it’s there…… take a closer look. unless his head is covered oddly.

  4. man wouldn’t it be nice if helped out people in Brooklyn instead of Israel? His office is closed as well… WTF man

  5. Just like the Christians who go to Lourdes or Bethlehem, or the Muslims that go to Mecca, or loonies that see the vigin Mary, on a tree ,a window, a potato or a cloud.

  6. Picture reminds me of the title of a blog PICTURE IS UNRELATED. Well, I guess a little bit. Has Strorobin, and Jewish people in it…

  7. “You don’t owe the German government a dollar for surviving the holocaust.” How about the other way around?

    Why should a foreign government generate revenue from current citizens of a nation, who are not themselves responsible for the actions of their ancestors?

    Storobin is such a fake individual.

  8.  wow………. his head is shaped weird.

    this Picture is pretty fucked up…. it could get him into trouble, he is disgracing himself!

  9. …& I once saw Moses in a matzoh ball.

    As if that weren’t enough of a shock, the chicken soup it was sitting in SPLIT RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE!!! This was too much already, because I knew if I didn’t finish it right then & there, the void would fill up, closing the gap & drowning the poor carrots. OY!!!

  10. Hey, everyone putting Storobin down on this cheap publicity stunt. He’s a new politician, and he learned from the recent absolutely catastrophic event of the spraypainting of a single anti-semitic phrase at the Holocaust Memorial.  You would have thought it was a 2nd Holocaust the way those Democrats were pushing each other out of the way to denounce how horrible and cataclysmic the crime was.
        Where were all the comments then? Does it depend on whether the politician is Democrat or Republican? Do you engage in selective crap buying?

        Storobin is just learning from the best of the crap sellers.


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