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Stolen Puppy Returned To Marine Park Pet Store

Still from surveillance video.
The thieves were captured on surveillance video.

A 9-week-old shih tzu puppy was returned to a Marine Park pet store on Saturday after it was stolen last week.

The puppy was stolen last Tuesday from Puppy Paradise (2082 Flatbush Avenue). The thieves were captured on surveillance video, with one standing watch while the other two went into a private puppy room and grabbed the dog, named Pal.

The shih tzu retailed for $1,000. Owners at the time made a public plea to the pooch plunderers, saying that they would not press charges or ask questions if the dog was returned.

They got their wish Saturday, when someone dropped Pal off in front of the store on Saturday before fleeing the scene, CBS reports.

It remains unclear if the dog was returned as a result of the plea, or if the bandits simply realized how yappy shih tzus can be.

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  1. Puppies are adorable! but they are a PITA. You can’t blame the dog for peeing in your house or pooping for that matter (Especially if they are puppies)

  2. It took me two days to unravel PITA. At first I thought you misspelled that radical group known as PETA. Thanks for the ‘word of the day’.


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