Stillwell Avenue Graffiti Mural Spotlighted By New York Times

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

The colorful and eerie graffiti mural lining the wall opposite the Stillwell Avenue subway station in Coney Island was singled out as some of the city’s most interesting graffiti. The New York Times highlighted the piece, noting that the creators are identical twin Brazilian brothers known as “os gemêos” (twins in Portuguese).

The brothers, identified as Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo on their website, are gaining worldwide fame for their psychedelic and surrealistic creations. The Times noted that the piece was created in 2005 for the Dreamland Artist Club, a special project put together by Creative Time, a public art group.

The brothers have made art all around the world, in North and South America and in Europe. Below are some works, each reflecting influences of Brazilian culture and traditional hip-hop.

Berlin, Germany (Source: Wikipedia)
Downright creepy work done in Berlin, Germany. (Source: Wikipedia)
Lisbon, Portugal (Source: Wikipedia)
I love the way painting interacts with the architecture of this building in Lisbon, Portugal. (Source: Wikipedia)