Sticky Shoes So-Long: Neighbors Invited To Give Pavilion A Sendoff On November 1

pavilion theater
The long-shuttered Circles Restaurant appears on the left of the Pavilion Theater in this photo from 2008. (Photo via Kristian Rickert / flickr)

Star Wars with sticky shoes.

Frozen with a broken heater.

Batman versus Superman versus bedbugs.

Reviled, despised, and begrudgingly accepted as a local cinema to see first run flicks in the neighborhood, the Pavilion is certainly worth a proper farewell. You’re invited to join in the festivities.

On Tuesday, November 1 between 6m-8pm, Nitehawk Cinema — who will be taking over the theater — is hosting “Nitehawk Pours One Out For the Pavilion.” The event is free, and all you have to do is register here.

BKLYNER received a series of tweets and emails from the community, which spoke to the history of the theater as well as the “love it or hate it” response by neighbors.

The first big misstep, in my opinion, was when they cut the huge main screen in half. The sound spill in the two remaining theaters was bad and once during Almost Famous the picture was messed up and it took awhile to fix it … I live further now but the reports of bedbugs and general crappiness definitely steered me to BAM, Cobble Hill and go into the city. I am really pleased to hear that the Nighthawk people are taking the Pavilion over and I hope they can restore it to being a must visit location. — Eve Stahlberger

Photo via andrewbwhite/instagram

Last September, the Williamsburg-based dine-in film center announced they will open the new multiplex which will replace the Pavilion.

The new “Nitehawk Prospect Park” will have seven movie screens with a total of 650 seats. Nitehawk Cinema’s founder Matthew Viragh told the New York Times the new layout will also boast “two bar areas, a restored atrium overlooking the park, and, of course, in-theater dining.”

The news came as a surprise to many after the developer Hidrock Realty revealed plans to convert The Pavilion Theater into a 6-story building with 24 condos, a subterranean 16-car garage, and 4 movie screens.

That was back in April 2015, and the news was met with a huge community outcry. After much negotiation, an agreement was forged to bring the well-respected Nitehawk in to create Nitehawk Prospect Park, expected in 2017.

“It was getting late, but I felt like I couldn’t back out now … [I] returned to the theater, started back at my half-eaten bag of popcorn and, finally, the movie started, with picture and sound. I feel like that was a fitting last experience at the Pavilion. Not a great one, but memorable upon reflection, and with a casual, but lovable form of incompetence very few places could pull off.” — Adam Matthews, describing the technical difficulties one while seeing Star Wars

The Event Rundown: Nitehawk Pours One Out for the Pavilion
When: Tuesday, November 1, 6pm-8pm
Where: The now former Pavilion Theater, 188 Prospect Park West (near Bartel-Pritchard Square)
What: Explore the space, peek behind the curtains, take pictures. There will be a cash bar, live music provided by the Street Beat Brass Band, and free popcorn
Tickets: Free, but register online.

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  1. I have to agree with Windsor and Terrace on this one, that one made me crack up. The last time I went to this theater was to see the first Matrix movie and there were two groups of people, one sitting in the front of the theater and “their friends” sitting in the back on the other end. Throughout the movie the patrons yelled across to each other “Oh s**t, did you see that” as well as various other commentary sort of like a bizarro world version of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I never went back there again, I’d travel either to the city or all the way out to Sheepshead but a nice stroll over to this theater would never happen. Can’t speak on the mice and such but I do remember it generally being a disgusting theater which also made me not want to go back but I mostly recall the patrons.

  2. It’ll always be the Sanders Theater to me, with its big screen, clean seats, and serious ushers walking down the aisles to quiet us kids (or at least, that happened once, during the showing of “The Giant Behemoth”).

    For major movies, of course, we traveled to Flatbush Avenue, to the Loews Kings, the Rialto, the RKO Kenmore, the Beverly . . . .

  3. It likely won’t make any difference to me. The last time I was at the Pavilion was around 2004. Paying $14 or whatever the current price is for movies, is beyond my budget.

  4. If they can keep it free of bedbugs and provide a minimum of comfort (i.e., heat the damn place in winter) I’m all for it. Even if only shouting teens attend, well, I’d rather have my shouting teens shouting locally than traveling farther afield to to their movie theatre shouting. But ONLY if they don’t track bedbugs homes. Those fuckers are just too expensive to get rid of.

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