Steve’s Grill House, Last Of ‘Coney Island Eight,’ Sells To Zamperla

The owner of Steve’s Grill House – the last holdout of eight mom and pop businesses that had fought eviction by amusement manufacturer Zamperla – has decided to sell his modular building rather than move it to a different location.

Owner Steve Bitetzakis, who had originally planned to move the structure to another neighborhood lot along with his business, instead made a deal with Zamperla to sell the building for an undisclosed amount, writes Amusing the Zillion.

From ATZ:

The Grill House building is on City-owned land leased to Zamperla and the site of the soon-to-be-constructed Speed Zone. Go Karts and a Sky Coaster are part of the amusement operator’s plans for the parcel this season. Will the Grill House be transformed into a trattoria by the sea or an upscale redo of its former neighbor Beer Island?

With businesses like Steve’s and Cha Cha’s either gone or moved from their original spots on the boardwalk, and a fresh crop of new tenants coming in to take their places, this is already proving to be a watershed year for world famous Coney Island.


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