Stay Cool Bensonhurst!

by poolie via flickr

The high today will be in the mid 90’s. The humidity and air quality problems we had yesterday should also continue until tonight. Remember our tips from the National Weather Service. They include remembering to take it easy and slow down, dressing appropriately in light clothing and trying to spend some time in an air conditioned place.

Above all, you need keep yourself hydrated with NON-alcoholic drinks. A nice cold beer sounds great on a hot day. But if you’re planning on spending time outside of an air conditioned room, it could result in dehydration which could lead to an afternoon in the ER, or even the morgue, instead of the beach.

Remember, anyone without air conditioning should try to visit a Cooling Center near their home. A few hours of relief during the hottest part of the day can greatly improve the way your body reacts to the heat.

Also, please remember to check in on elderly or disabled neighbors and relatives. Stopping by to see how someone’s doing, reminding them about cooling centers or offering a cold drink doesn’t only give you peace of mind, it can literally save someone’s life.