Station Plaza: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

The Bay News did a piece on the artistic renderings for Sheepshead Bay Station Plaza that we first reported here. In quoting P/A Associates’ Carolyn Malinsky, they noted much the same as we did: these “plans” aren’t plans at all – they’re just drawings.

“We are completely still in the pre-development phase. We’re not sure what we are going to build there,” she said.
“You are looking at someone’s thought process,” she said of the sketches. “I am committed to nothing.”
She said no tenants have been signed and there is no time frame for the development.

Apparently, our skepticism of the sketches ever becoming reality are shared by CB15 Chair Theresa Scavo.

When she first saw the renderings, she though just one thing: “Dramatic.”
“I’m not buying it,” she said. “There is a difference between renderings and plans. Those could just be the idea of what they want it to look like.”

Also: Bay News is spreading the rumor that consumer electronics giant, Best Buy, “could be interested in leasing space at the site.” Highly unlikely, methinks.


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