Staten Islanders Get All The Breaks: Verrazano Tolls To Be Reduced For SI Residents

Source: syscosteve via Flickr

When the MTA released its city fare hike plan, we all grumbled. MetroCards and bridge tolls shot up for like the millionth time in the last five years. Sure, people protested, but we all knew that nothing would be done. We are all victims of the MTA’s cruel whims, that is, unless you are a gilded resident of an island known as Staten. Apparently, lawyers and politicians have been hard at work eliminating the MTA hikes on the Verrazano, for Staten Island residents and businesses only, according to a report on SI Live.

On our sister site, Sheepshead Bites, we’ve lamented in the past over the preferential treatment Staten Islanders get when it comes to their relationship with the MTA. They get free ferry service, something that would be wonderful for residents in Southern Brooklyn, yet will never be.

Now it seems that they will be getting another perk as Albany lawmakers are cutting Verrazano Bridge tolls by 50 percent for commercial vehicles connected to Staten Island-based businesses. Regular Staten Island residents will also see their tolls reduced to $5.50, down from the super high $15-a-ride the rest of us will still be paying.

Staten Island E-ZPass users were already paying about $6 a ride to cross the bridge, and still they are getting a reduction! When does that EVER happen for rest of New York City population?

Be careful not to gloat at the news, Staten Island. We can always dump you on New Jerksey if you push us too far. One landfill on top of another…


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