State Senator Marty Golden Sponsors Animal Cruelty Registry Bill

Animal Cruelty Offender registration New York
Animals rescued from Sheepshead Bay hoarder home. Source:

As reported by Sheepshead Bites, State Senator Marty Golden wants New York State to establish a registry for animal welfare offenders.

The bill, S. 3804, says that the registry would include anyone convicted of animal cruelty or animal fighting. The database would be accessible to district attorneys, humane organizations, animal welfare law enforcement officers, pet breeders and pet stores located in New York.

Offenders would be prohibited from owning pets or obtaining employment with a shelter, humane organization, pet store, or any other location where animals are kept.

There is no place in our society for cruelty or abuse of animals,” said Golden. “It is my hope that this registry will prevent such reprehensible behavior and will help to bring an end to violence against animals. I have signed on as a co-sponsor of this legislation because there is a need to have laws in New York that will improve the safety of our animals.”

Readers may recall the horrific incident that took place a few years ago, wherein a Bensonhurst woman tossed her estranged husband’s 8-month old Yorkie out of their sixth-floor apartment window. Or, the recent case of the Sheepshead Bay animal hoarder who kept 23 dogs in her home.

What do you think, would an animal offenders registry ensure that animal abusers never own a pet again?


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