State Senator Diane Savino Hopes To Collect Education Revenue From Ads On Lotto Tickets

Source: Bartosz Senderek via Wikimedia Commons

Senator Diane Savino’s bill to allow advertising on lottery tickets has passed in Senate.

Savino’s belief is that the advertising would bring in millions of dollars for education, without raising taxes. She is an advocate of money raised through advertising on governmental properties such as buses and bridges.

“In April, New York participated in a record $654 million Power Ball lottery,” said Savino to SI Live. Lotto officials estimated 137 million tickets were sold in New York state alone. Imagine if all those tickets had advertisements on them that could have raised revenue for New York state. That is less money we need from your pocket in taxes to run schools and colleges throughout New York.”

Savino is awaiting companion legislation action in the Assembly.


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