State Lawmakers Pushing For Bills To Register Disabled Should Disaster Strike

Source: Thomas Good via Wikimedia Commons
State Senator Diane Savino (Source: Thomas Good via Wikimedia Commons)

A pair of New York State politicians are trying to make it easier for emergency personal to rescue disabled residents should another disaster like Superstorm Sandy strike in again the future. SI Live is reporting that State Senator Diane Savino and Assemblyman Michael Cusick are introducing legislation that would require counties to create and maintain a confidential list of disabled citizens so rescue workers could prioritize their rescue in the event of a wide scale emergency.

As we reported earlier in the month, a federal judge ruled that the city had no adequate plan for evacuating the elderly and disabled should another disaster like Sandy strike again. The legislation proposed by Savino and Cusick was in response to this ruling.

“Judge Furman’s ruling holds out what we and those in the disabled community have said, that the city and state need a registry and a plan for the evacuation, shelter and rescue of our disabled neighbors,” Savino said.

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Cusick agreed with Savino in calling for action, noting the consequences of inadequate preparedness.

“Individuals with disabilities who may require evacuation assistance and shelter during a disaster will only get the assistance they require if there is some sort of registry,” Cusick said. “We saw first hand the chaos and confusion during Superstorm Sandy with regard to evacuation procedures.”

While Cusick’s bill has passed in the Assembly, it has not yet passed in the Senate. SI Live also noted that the legislation would also force operators of high-rise apartment buildings to update their own emergency plans and provide emergency escape plans for their disabled residents.

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  1. Great idea! “Register” the disabled so they can be found quickly when a disaster strikes. Then “Register” Jews, so they can be “found” too by the government.

    When National Socialists dis this it didn’t end up very well for the “registered.” But this time will be different, I’m sure.

  2. Having a registry of disabled and elderly people will make advance planning easier and evacuations faster and more complete. As for any resemblance to Nazi era registrations, a registry of disabled people would be entirely voluntary, and, one would hope, participation in any evacuation would be voluntary as well, unless the evacuation was mandatory or the disabled person was too vulnerable to opt out.


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