Stars Spotted Filming on Rugby

Stars Spotted Filming on Rugby

We spotted the crew of the movie Can a Song Save Your Life? getting ready to shoot a scene with Mark Ruffalo (he’s on the other side of the car there) yesterday afternoon in front of 300 Rugby Road. As did many of you, apparently:

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Can a Song Save Your Life Filming in Ditmas Park

Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, and others were spotted around Rugby Road as they filmed scenes for the movie that’s due out in 2013.

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Just saw Mark Ruffalo and, I think, Keira Knightley filming a scene in Ditmas Park.Michael DietschJust passed Mark Ruffalo shooting a movie in the neighborhood…resisted the urge to make him angry. #geekmodeDanny HairstonMark Ruffalo, Hailee Steinfeld & Keira Knightley (not pic’d) on scene in #ditmas park; #amateur #paparazzi # Levys Unique NY!Filming down the block from the Cortelyou Toy Space. #toocoolforschool #DitmasparkToy SpaceJust saw Mark Ruffalo run out of a house and into a car where Keira Knightley sat waiting for him. So rubbing shoulders with the stars here.rb sayreAnd this about sums it all up:Holy crap! I just saw Mark Ruffalo!Kelli TinsleyThey’re supposed to be in the same area filming again today, so keep an eye out for scenes you’ll recognize when the movie comes out next year.