Starbucks to Open in December

Soon-to-be Starbucks in Sheepshead Bay

Local baristas: start shaking in your cups. Big, bad corporate coffee is on its way to Sheepshead Bay.

Sure, we’ve known since last November that a Starbucks is moving in on Sheepshead Bay territory, but it wasn’t clear when. Well, the Seattle-based chain will be pushing its brand of coffee and pastries at Nostrand Avenue and Gravesend Neck Road sometime in December. The little building now under construction, pictured above, will only be part Starbucks. The java-brewer will take up the space on the far side from the corner, while the corner space will be another retail unit still to be decided.

Starbucks Drive-thru Lane in Sheepshead Bay

We got up close and took a peek at the construction, and in the back of the building we can see what clearly is a drive-through lane (image at left). No word yet on whether you will also be able to walk in and order, but there doesn’t seem to be space for parking or seating. But hey, you’ll be so jazzed up on caffeine after getting your drink that it won’t matter!

If you think this is good news, then check out the coupon we’re telling people about on Facebook that gets Starbucks customers a free pastry with any coffee over $3.00. Sadly, it’s only good until 10:30 a.m. today, so be sure to Facebook us and print yours!