Stacy Blundell Is Eating & Writing Her Way Through The Slope

Stacy Blundell Is Eating & Writing Her Way Through The Slope
Stacy Blundell, Savor the Slope

Stacy Blundell has been living in South Slope for the past five years. In this time, she has seen many changes within the neighborhood — particularly what’s been occurring in the food scene here. Earlier this summer Blundell launched Savor The Slope, a food blog that explores many of the culinary gems and hidden treasures that Park Slope at large has to offer. Blundell, who has an clear love for the neighborhood, started the site initially because she was not finding the kind of information about local spots in the area that she was seeking.

savor the slope

Originally from upstate New York, she moved to Brooklyn in 2005, and while she’s a newcomer to the world of food writing, she developed her love of food and cooking early on.

“Growing up, my family really loved to cook, and that’s what sparked my interest in food at a young age,” she says.

That love for cooking and food continued, and when she recently recently moved in with her significant other, she began spending more time in the kitchen.

“I started appreciating the art of cooking more both in my own home recently and also in restaurants,” she says. “I think cooking is a beautiful experience that is meant to be shared with those you love.”

Like cooking, Savor the Slope is also very much a labor of love, and this is apparent from many of the local spots that Blundell highlights on the site. A gradate of SUNY New Paltz with a degree in English, she is now able to use this in a creative way through her food writing. Savor the Slope’s comprehensive avenue-by-avenue breakdown of info on restaurants and bars along with a story and sometimes anecdotes about the establishments is organized, pithy, and user-friendly. It also really gives the reader of sense of where they are going.

Picnic by savortheslope on Instagram

The places that Blundell writes about are ones she frequents often. This is key because it not only underscores the importance of local businesses and economies in the neighborhood, but also helps to establish a strong local client base. She thinks that there’s a real sense of community that’s created by going to these establishments, which “makes you feel like you are a part of something.” She sees Savor the Slope as a great a way to contribute to the Park Slope community by helping to support local businesses, while also providing a helpful food and drink guide to the area.

brussels sprouts via savortheslope on Instagram

In the last several years Blundell, like many others, has noticed the farm-to-table trend that has emerged in restaurants and people’s daily lives.

“I have seen a lot more restaurants focused on using the freshest ingredients possible, and also being more conscious about cooking seasonally,” she says.

As the food scene in Park Slope continues to change and grow, Blundell will only have more restaurants and bars to cover. Although Savor the Slope is just a few months old, it’s starting to gain momentum. Her enthusiasm and passion for food, paired with this project, is an excellent resource for Park Slopers and hungry visitors alike, and it will be exciting to see where Savor the Slope heads!

Dram Shop burger via savortheslope on instagram

Here are some of Stacy Blundell’s ‘Best Picks’ for the neighborhood:

Best Happy Hour: Prospect Bar & Grill, 545 5th Avenue
Best Place To Go On A First Date: Brookvin, 381 7th Avenue
Best Place To Go On A Quiet Date: The Sackett, 661 Sackett Street
Best Bar To Get Rowdy In: 200 Fifth, 200 5th Avenue
Best Bar To Take A Significant Other’s Family For The First Time: Blueprint, 196 5th Avenue
Best Bar With A Backyard: Lavender Lake, 383 Carroll Street
Best Burger: Dram Shop, 339 9th Street
Best Pizza: Toby’s Public House, 686 6th Avenue
Best Vegetarian: The VSPOT, 156 5th Avenue
Bar With The Best Games: The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, 514 Union Street
Best Brunch: Palo Santo, 652 Union Street

Be sure to check out Savor the Slope, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well.

Photos courtesy Stacy Blundell/Savor the Slope


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