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St. Marks Employs Tech To Fund Basketball Program


The St. Mark Catholic School (2602 East 19th Street) has launched an online store to bring in some bucks for the basketball program, hoping to reach their goal of $3,000 in the coming weeks.

The website, which you can check out here, sells reduced cost magazine subscriptions to major publications, including Time, People and Sports Illustrated. Also available are tubs of cookie dough and restaurant gift certificates.

It’s the first time St. Mark has teamed up with an online venture – in this case, – to meet fundraising goals. Forty percent of the purchase goes to the program.

For those unfamiliar with St. Mark’s basketball program, their high school-aged team (Cadets) are currently the division’s first place team. The program is open to all in the community who wish to join, and they also have a Challenger program for the disabled.

Go check out the store, and help the program meet its $3,000 fundraising goal!

CLARIFICATION: St. Mark Sports Association runs independently from the school. It is run by a volunteer staff and volunteer coaches. They use the school’s name and their gym but the teams consists of players from the school and the community. Please click on the about page on their website to learn more about their organization.

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  1. Instead of purchasing something, who do we make a check payable to and where do we send it if we want to make a direct 100% donation to the program?

  2. Thanks for your generous offer to help the basketball program. Donations to the program can be made to the St. Mark Sports Association and sent to 2609 East 19 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235

  3. Are they frickin serious? Make the parents of the players pay for the program. Who cares about a basketball team? Kick up the level of education and nevermind playing basketball – wow, talk about low priorities!

  4. Ya’ know what, I pay taxes, which pay for the sports in all the public schools, and nobody asks me for donations, they just take it! Beside the fact that parents of Catholic school students pay tuition, get no Federal assistance to help w/tuition, and the schools themselves STILL get no Federal assistance. How about we make all the parents of public school kids pay for their after school programs, instead of all taxpayers? I think that if you check the college entrance rolls, you’ll find a preponderence of Catholic school students on the list.

  5. Man – you really don’t know shit do you? Compare the test scores of the Catholic schools to the public school system. The Catholic schools have them beat any day.

    As for the parents paying for the sports program – they do! But the program works hard to keep the cost down so that every child can participate. The sports program is not part of the school, but an extra activity open to anyone in the community even if you don’t attend St. Mark.

  6. I just added a clarification to the post, pointing out that the sports program is independent of the school and the church. It is a separate volunteer-led organization.

  7. No, seriously…I really like it. I wasn’t being facetious at all. Honestly, I don’t have a sarcastic bone in my body. And I know it wasn’t HDR…I was just saying, it was a little HDR-ish…it has a little extra kick to it. Listen, to me it’s better than any boring, straight on stock photo.

  8. The parents of Catholic church students DO get financial help for the kids education through the church, provided they put their collection envelopes into the tray every week..My sister got this assistance for her 3 sons. It goes through the Dioces. The Catholic church/schools also make plenty of cash by making the students go door to door selling candy and magazine subscriptions. The Catholic church is far from being poor. The public schools are the ones who are suffering – budget cuts galore – I know teachers who go out and buy supplies for the kids – and P.S. – they don’t make much money. Programs for art and music have been cut. PLUS – those schools who sponsor breakfast for the kids are being ripped off by the Russian day care centers. Parents pay the day care for breakfast for the children, and in turn, the Russians bring the kids to the public school to eat. They are ripping off the parents and our kids in the programs (legitimately) suffer. So, you tell me, who deserves funding?

  9. Here we go again blaming “Russians”. If you have proof that daycare centers are bringing kids to schools to eat are you going to rat them out?

  10. No he says that Russian day care centers ripping off Russian families by collecting money for taking care of their kids and feeding them in the day care center and instead they (day care centers) take kids to schools to eat, saving money.

    and you know what…I tend to believe that, only Russian day care centers could come up with something like that.. but then again.. I dont think security in the school or the school administration would let them continue doing so unless it’s ok

  11. He was talking about school funding and schools getting ripped off. Are you trying to say that the Russians are the only ones pulling these scams not Asians or Hispanics. Yeah they Italians dont steal money from any government agencies (read news). At some point people around here are gonna have to realize that criminals come from everywhere. BY the way thats one crooked church in that picture.

  12. Wow – You are so misinformed it’s laughable. If you sister got assistance for her 3 sons through the Diocese, she obviously could not afford the school’s tuition. The Diocese sponsored your nephew’s education, not the school or the parish.

    I don’t that the Diocese makes the decision to give a hand out based upon how much your sister contributes to her church each week. It is true that parishoners who contribute financially get a break on the tuition – just as state residents pay less to go the state colleges.


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