St. Mark Launches Family Day T-Shirt Design Contest!

The St. Mark RC Parish is commemorating its 150


anniversary this year and, as part of the festivities, the church will be holding its Annual Family Day celebrations, May 22, in the St. Mark schoolyard at Avenue Z and East 18



Just to give you an idea of quite how old St. Mark is, commemorative sesquicentennial events were also held this year marking the 150


anniversary of the Battle of Fort Sumter, the first shots of which officially ignited the American Civil War in April 1861. Abraham Lincoln was in his first year in office during St. Mark’s rookie season.

But on a lighter note, as part of this celebration of family and community, St. Mark invites you to chow down on some hot dogs and burgers, enjoy the local entertainment, and meet representatives of the community’s various service organizations, including your friends from Sheepshead Bites, who, like last year, will be giving away stickers and other exciting goodies at our own table.

But to kick things up a notch, they’re also having a design competition in the weeks leading up to it to come up with the t-shirt that symbolizes the day. It’s the first time they’re opening up the design competition to the entire community.

Annual Design a T-Shirt Competition

St. Mark is inviting all children, 14-years-old or under, who live in the Sheepshead Bay or Manhattan Beach communities, to participate in their annual T-shirt competition. If you are creative, like to draw, and would get a big kick out of seeing your artwork worn on the streets of Brooklyn, this contest is for you!

This year’s shirt will be gold with your design printed on the front in black ink. The winning designer will receive a prize presented to them at Family Day. Here are the official rules:

  • The design must be original. No clip art, downloaded graphics or pictures.
  • The design must be one color.
  • The design must be no larger than 8 ½” x 11”
  • The design must incorporate the following words: “St. Mark Parish,” “150th Anniversary,” “Annual Family Day,” “Celebrate Family!,” “Celebrate Community!,” and “May 22, 2011.”
  • Please sign your design and indicate how old you are. Please attach your name and your parent or guardian’s contact information.
  • Designs must be returned to your St. Mark School teacher, St. Mark CCD teacher or to the St. Mark Business Office by May 2, 2011.


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