Spring Forward, Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries, and Reset RSS Feed Tonight

With Daylight Saving Time tonight, when you change your clock, don’t forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Not only could it save your life, but it could save losing another hour of sleep when the batteries die on their own in the middle of the night, and you walk around trying to figure out which smoke detector is the one beeping.

So do as Hot Dog and the FDNY do in The Artist-inspired video above, and change those batteries (h/t to former neighbor Azi Paybarah for the video). The FDNY has been holding free battery giveaways this week–the last one is somewhat nearby tomorrow, on 13th Avenue and 49th Street in Borough Park, from 12-4pm.

And in the spirit of putting in new batteries, don’t forget to add the RSS feed for this new blog to your readers! Just click the giant button on the side of the page. (And if that, or anything else, is not working in your browser, please try another, or bear with us as we de-bug and figure things out on the back-end!)