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Speed Enforcement Cameras Receive Renewed Push In Light Of Bloomberg’s Rage

Traffic Cameras Source: Theron Trowbridge via Flickr

The war over the installation of speed enforcement cameras kicked into a higher gear as influential State Senate lawmakers reintroduced the legislation in direct opposition to Republicans who stripped it from the state budget, according to a report by the New York Daily News.

The contentious battle to place speed enforcement cameras across the city began in response to the growing number of hit-and-run tragedies that have plagued the city in recent months. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYPD Chief Ray Kelly and other key local New York politicians were all in favor of the program but senators including Marty Golden, Dean Skelos and Simcha Felder removed the cameras from the state budget, fearing that the cameras would cost policemen jobs.

In response to the actions of Golden, Skelos and Felder, Bloomberg held a press conference where he lashed out at the senators personally and demanded that constituents personally hold them responsible the next time someone dies in a speeding accident.

Bloomberg’s anger was not considered a stunt, according to a report in the New York Post.

“I’ve never seen the mayor this angry,” one insider told the Post. “He’s furious.”

Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson expanded on Bloomberg’s anger, describing all arguments against the cameras as laughable.

“This is a Republican conference that voted to raise taxes, to legalize marriage equality and to ban assault weapons, but they draw the line on speed cameras?” Wolfson asked. “It’s a joke.”

Following the mayor’s lead, Senate co-leader Jeffrey Klein (D-Bronx) announced it would be a priority to reintroduce the cameras to the state budget.
“Our police do an incredible job fighting crime in the city, but they can’t be everywhere at once,” Klein told the Daily News. “Let’s get these speed cameras in place so our city’s Finest can continue fighting crime and not writing traffic tickets.”
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  1. These enforcement cameras are just a money grab. It’s our tax money used for more ways to take money out of our pockets. They don’t deter squat!

  2. Once again the Queen is ramrodding his agenda through, buying politicians like toilet paper to push for still more insidious intrusion and revenue generation at all costs. The fact is that motor vehicle accidents are at historical lows, but that would not fit the necessary narrative to push for these intrusions and incessant assaults on Civil Rights.

    The Queen set forth his billions to capitalize on the next shooting so that he could push for still tighter Anti-Constitutional gun laws months before Newton. The Queen uses dead victims to push his agendas like children put baseball cards in the spokes of their bicycles to give them voice.

    The Queen will continue to destroy freedom in this country long after his term as mayor finally ends with or without another jiggering of NY Election Laws to suit his own ambitions. He will continue by means of his fortune to push his perverted agenda to the point that he will see that cameras and revenue generation opportunities follow you from within you colon to the bathroom and every movement between movements.

    Bloomberg is a bitter “Angry” child, a very dangerous child who lashes out when he doesn’t get his way. He is a dangerous man-child and threat to our freedom. If NY City were it’s own nation, surely he would be considered among the likes of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, a dangerous paranoid who must be contained and when possible eliminated.

    In Bloomberg’s syphilitic brain, he believes himself a God and in his universe the only people whom he should see are the ones cleaning his toilets and servicing his mansion. As he senses his time as Mayor coming to an end, he is even more dangerous, like a dying animal lashing out.

  3. People who speed, lose control of their autos and kill innocents care not a jot about being photographed. And besides, it is not the driver of the car who gets penalized, it is only the registered owner. Often not one and the same. This is a revenue raiser and a feel good measure. Thank you Sen. Golden and Sen. Klein, you should know better.

  4. I am glad there are at least a couple of politicians smart enough to see through this sham.

  5. Of course it wasn’t a stunt. Any true New Yorker can tell you he despises motor vehicles. That and someone told him no again. When the baby doesn’t get his way he throws a temper-tantrum and if it goes against him when it comes to the people that drive an automobile watch out. These things will not be used to save lives and Golden knows it. They will be used in school zones, set to 25 MPH to steal money from already cash-strapped New Yorkers to support the billionaire. Anyone pushing this is not doing it for the safety of citizens. Sick and tired of being treated like we are all idiots.

  6. “Cameras would cost policemen their jobs”?! Baloney! Anyone, who drives our roads, within the past ten years or so, knows full well our police have not been enforcing our moving vehicular laws! Just saw, the camera installation near Ocean Parkway and Avenue W! Mazel Tov! Hope they get the Neanderthals with the illegal blacked out windows too, who it is practically a given, recklessly operate their vehicles!

  7. can describe how sick iam of this idiot we call our mayor is he as angry about this as he is about telling us how much soda we can drink …more ways to rob us of our hard earnings

  8. ohh so now you have an issue with people that get tints to you sound like another useless idiot the police have nothing better to do then bother people for tints are my tints causing you any harm ? your stupidity is reckless


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