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Speed Bumps To Slow Down East 19th Street


Signs went up last week for speed bumps along East 19th Street between Avenue Y and Avenue Z, though the bumps have not yet been installed. Presumably it’s to stop speeders from zooming around the school – but no signs have been installed between Avenue X and Avenue Y, where P.S. 254 is. We tried to get in touch with officials to get more information, but haven’t yet received a response. We’ll let you know what’s going on when we find out more.

UPDATE (1:35 p.m.): We just heard from Theresa Scavo, chair of Community Board 15. It appears as if parents and the school made the request, sometime in 2008 or 2009, because of speeders using this stretch of East 19th Street to cut down from Avenue Z.


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  1. I love the photo. The colors came out excellent, good clarity as well. You’d have to be really intending to get perfect clarity to do better than this.

  2. The other possibility is that they intend to place the speed bumps on the other block and just put the signs on the wrong block by mistake. I wouldn’t put that beyond our DOT.

  3. a little off topic, but, with all the potholes and messed up streets i should get free shocks/tires from the government every year. my tax dollars going to blow up streets around the world, but not fix the ones at home…wtf?

    if we hired a crew to fix all the potholes, unemployment would vanish

  4. LOL! i thought about that too didn’t know how to phrase it…. but yea there are so many fuckin potholes that it feels like East 19th is Every street i drive on..

    i don’t know who to complain to anymore. 311 don’t do nothin

  5. 2008, 2009. its now 2011. if it takes about 3 years to just get a sign put in (and lie to people, there isnt any bump yet) i wonder how long it will take to actually add in the bump.

  6. what does it take then to put a Stop – All Way at the intersection of Ave. Y and East 21st St.? So many car accidents have happened at this intersection during the past 6 plus years, and yet nothing has changed. who do I call to get this done even if it means another 3 years?

  7. I have no problem with speed bumps – they really do slow you down (Unless you want the bottom of your car torn out). It makes the area safe for everyone

  8. Back in December, I was coming home from BJs and there was a huge cut out piece of asphalt on the BP. No signs, and for sure, no time or opportunity to stop. I hit it – tore out my muffler and tailpipe. Go to 311 and fill out a form for reimbursement from the city. That is what I did (get a receipt from your mechanic for all your repairs). Now, I am waiting to hear from them.

  9. This past winter was especially brutal to our streets and parkways, which were in bad shape to begin with. Manhattan is bad also, especially where I work – at Wall Street. There are potholes here that you can lie down and hide in. Very bad.

  10. You can always just take them to small claims court like I did and I won. The lawyer for the City actually was really a nice guy.

  11. Best bet is one of your elected officials. You also can try writing directly to the Brooklyn Borough Engineer for DOT.

  12. BOO! i love when the light is green on y and i come in from z and floor my rx7 and make it to x before the light on y turns yellow lol but never during school hours mostly around 12-1am


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