“SPECIAL” ELECTION DAY: Accusations Of Misconduct, Violations & Violence In Race To Replace Kruger

If it’s true, it’s got to be the dirtiest trick we’ve seen yet in the race between Democrat Lew Fidler and Republican David Storobin in the race to replace former State Senator Carl Kruger.

According to a tweet by Councilmember David Greenfield, a van struck a volunteer carrying pro-Lew Fidler leaflets in front of Cunningham Junior High School (1875 East 17th Street). The driver then got out of the car, grabbed the Filder literature and drove off, the tweet alleges.

Politicker has confirmed the information with a Democratic source, though the NYPD has yet to provide an official account.

In addition to the above, City & State is reporting all sorts of craziness:

We also heard from a source close to Fidler that a similar incident occurred at Public School 206 in Brooklyn, but have yet to confirm that. A call to the police press office has yet to be returned.
David Simpson, a spokesman for Storobin, said the whole thing sounded a bit far-fetched.
“If somebody actually mowed down a volunteer, and took their campaign literature, that would be one of the more outrageous campaign tactics ever,” Simpson said. “Nobody from our campaign is driving around hitting people. Until there’s a police report or a verified confirmation, this sounds highly questionable.”
Meanwhile, Fidler’s campaign just told us that Storobin himself was ejected from a polling site at the Shorefront Jewish Community Center by police, for aggressively electioneering to Russian voters there. But Simpson,  who says he was actually at the polling site, says that’s entirely untrue, and that Storobin’s visit to the polling site was uneventful.
Simpson also says that at least one Russian-speaking voter has reported getting a live a phone call saying their Section 8 voucher will be repealed if Storobin wins election today.

Keep an eye on City & State’s article, as it looks like they’ll be posting constant updates at the allegations that keep flying back and forth.


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