Southern Brooklyn Reality Show Claims To Be Next Jersey Shore, Brooklynites Everywhere Groan… Loudly

We’ve been getting a lot of requests over the last week from readers tipping us off to the soon-to-launch Oxygen network series, Brooklyn 11223.

So why haven’t we written about it? Why did we let the New York Post scoop us?

Quite frankly, there’s no way I can do a post about this without filling it with so many expletives that this website would be banned from the internet and society deems it essential to cut off my fingers so I’ll never type again. I’m really surprised I’ve gotten this far, to be honest.

Didn’t Oxygen get the memo from Lifetime? Watching wretched loudmouths spew mangled English out of their cannoli-holes in between swigs of chocolatinis is so 2010.

Oh, and never mind the fact that 11223 is Gravesend, while the show claims to be about Bay Ridge. Freakin’ a-holes.

Anyway, I’ll leave the cursing, muttering, moaning, groaning and such to you all. What do you think, will Brooklyn 11223 be a hit, or further evidence that network executives are the modern day equivalent of Nero, throwing us to the dogs for their lack of an original thought?

(Hey, I did it without cursing! Shit yeah!… Oh…)


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