Southern Brooklyn Criminals Still Plague Us

bolshevik criminal plague painted over nov 2009

The Brooklyn Paper reported that police captured the graffiti artists who had been tagging North Brooklyn’s signs, surfaces, and buildings with their monickers, “Rex” and “Guder”.

Later, the Brooklyn Heights Blog and some of its investigative readers put faces and videos to the names when they found the suspects’ social networking pages.

Here, in Sheepshead Bay, when vandals plaster poles with their unwanted messages, what do we do? We write posts and the graffiti gets painted over — sort of. So, while North Brooklyn vandals get arrested, Southern Brooklyn criminals still plague us, and there is no clue as to who is responsible for the mysterious Bolshevik Criminal Plague messages.

Detectives at the 84th Precinct got the job done and arrested the guys based on a video that showed two men in the act of defacing building’s wall. Doesn’t anyone have any video they can turn over to the 61st Precinct showing our local plaguers in action?

We’ll have to be happy with the solution of paint haphazardly slopped over the mess. Unless, of course, there are some investigative readers out there, looking to step up to the plate by doing some research to put the freeze on these taggers.


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