South Slope Resident Warns Neighbors Of Four Pit Bulls After Vicious Attack

Photo of the pit bulls provided by the victim of the attack

South Slope — A four-year-old, 45-pound labradoodle was viciously attacked by four unleashed pit bulls in a South Slope park yesterday morning.

The dog’s owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she was walking with her dog toward the park across from the Detective Joseph Mayrose Park by the intersection of Prospect and 6th Avenues Thursday morning at approximately 9am.

She saw a man approach the park with four leashed pit bulls, so she decided to walk her dog on the street instead, she says. After completing their walk, the woman and her dog walked over to the park to throw away a poop bag in a trash can that is approximately three feet into the park.

She says the four pit bulls were unleashed on the other side of the park as she approached the trash can but came charging toward her and her dog. The four pit bulls lunged at her labradoodle.

“All four dogs had their jaws on my dog,” she told BKLYNER of the horrifying incident.

The woman says she began screaming at the pit bulls and tried pushing them and prying them off her dog, getting knocked around, dragged, and almost getting bitten herself during the ten minute altercation. The pit bulls’ owner came over and tried unsuccessfully to tear them away from her dog as well.

Each time they were able to pry one pit bull off her dog, it would immediately come back and bite it again. She says the pit bulls even snapped at and bit each other during the frenzy.

A large group of neighbors gathered to watch but were afraid to intervene, she says. She repeatedly begged them to call 911, which several of them did.

Finally, after the victim pleaded, a bystander retrieved the pit bull’s leashes and tossed them over to her, she says. The owner of the pit bulls was finally able to leash his dogs up and pull them away from the victim’s dog.

One of the pit bulls “looked like he put his face in a puddle of blood,” the victim recalls of the bloody aftermath.

Photo of the scene after the attack provided by the victim

She says it took approximately 25 minutes for EMS and the police to arrive, but the pit bulls’ owner did not stick around and wait despite her and bystanders demanding he not leave. He gave the victim a business card, which lists him as a “dog walker” and tried to leave the scene amid the group of bystanders shouting at him to stay.

The man then dropped the pit bulls’ leashes, walked over to one male bystander who was telling him to remain on the scene, and punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground, the woman says. The man then took his pit bulls and left the park.

The male victim suffered a bloody nose and a cut to his face and was taken to Methodist Hospital, according to a NYPD representative. He is listed in stable condition.

The woman suffered various “scrapes and bruises on my legs, knees, arms, elbows and feet,” she says, while her dog suffered wounds to her chest and paw requiring sutures, as well as an injury to her ear. Both were at home recovering on Friday.

Christopher Chabrier was arrested for assault, menacing, disorderly conduct, and harassment, the NYPD told BKLYNER. This is the 34-year-old’s eighth arrest. His prior arrests were drug-related, according to a police representative.

The victim claims that an arresting officer informed her that the DOH say that Chabrier is up-to-date on his dogs’ vaccinations and paperwork and did not take the dogs away.

Because these four dogs are still in the neighborhood, she’d like to warn the community about them.

“We are so lucky to be alive,” she says. “That could have been my son. So many kids play in that park.”

Some park areas allow dogs to be off leash from the time the park opens until 9am and from 9pm until the park closes, according to the NYC Parks website. The victim says that the park where the incident occurred does not have off leash hours.

BKLYNER reached out to NYC Parks regarding this park’s leash policy and will update this post when we hear back.


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  1. How do you know that they are pit bulls? Seems that the article should be corrected in the absence of facts.

  2. This is not the first time these dogs have attacked. My partner was warned by a local business that they saw these dogs attack another person and their dog weeks ago. Every time I see this man in the neighborhood walking his dogs, one (not a pitbull) is usually off the leash. I always cross the street and try to stay far away.

  3. Hello,

    Please contact me as soon as possible. My dog and I were attacked in March and we have surveillance footage of it. Our attack was damn near the same thing. I would be more than happy to submit an affidavit to the District Attorney on this woman’s behalf. We live in the neighborhood and my dog has played with just about every labradoodle, so it pains me to think of who exactly it may be. This man needs to be off of the street.

  4. I have personally seen two separate attacks involving these dogs and have heard of numerous incidents from people who have had run-ins with this guy and his dogs. I’ve interacted with him directly several times– once after I watched his dogs maul a woman’s dog at that park on 17th street and 7th ave. He also then found it a good opportunity to pass out his business card to promote his bogus dog walking service. This guy is NOT RIGHT. He is dangerous, his dogs are aggressive and very strong and he has not taken a single measure to be less of a menace to the people of this community and their dogs. This dude gets away every time something like this happens and it is outrageous and downright dangerous. Please keep your own dogs on a leash in that area and stay away from this guy if you see him.

  5. I know some people don’t like guns, but with the laws as they are regarding these butcher dogs, it might serve you well to get your ccws and learn how to operate one! Next time it could be your life you are defending!

  6. Jenny, I’m sure your information would be very useful — does anyone have your contact info?

  7. Journal of Interpersonal Violence
    Volume 21 Number 12 December 2006

    Ownership of High-Risk (“Vicious”) Dogs as a Marker for Deviant Behaviors

    Implications for Risk Assessment

    “The analysis revealed that owners of HR (high risk) dogs had significantly more criminal convictions and traffic citations in all categories except crimes involving children.”

    “Professionals such as child and adult protection investigators, law enforcement officers, pediatricians and medical practitioners, home visiting professionals, domestic violence investigators, and public health nurses may find it useful to be informed about the breed and specific behaviors of the dogs that share the environment with their clients. First, be aware that the dog breed, ESPECIALLY OWNING A PIT BULL, MAY BE A RISK MARKER.”

  8. Why isn’t this a matter for Animal Control as well as the police? After documented attacks, shouldn’t these dogs be removed as well as charges against this guy for not having these dogs under control (not to mention suits for medical and vet bills)? I don’t understand why these multiple serious incidents have been allowed to occur.

  9. Please apprehend this guy and rehome those dogs in single-dog homes with people who know what they’re doing. Some of us pit bull owners and lovers bear the brunt of the irresponsibility of morons like this one. Totally tragic for the dogs attacked and completely unfair to those pit bulls.

  10. This is why it’s so important to file a police report any time something like this happens! If the people who these dogs had of filed one so it could be on record then these dangerous dogs would already be off the street! And if you did file and the police didn’t take action to remove the dogs from this negligent, menacing, deranged owner then you could file a complaint and have something done about them!

  11. I am the individual who was assaulted by the dog owner, trying to break up the dog fight. I am pressing charges. If anyone has information, please know that I will be forwarding your information to the DA’s office when I speak with them. But I’m going to need more than just these comments, since there is no way to contact you all. As soon as I speak with the ADA in charge of this case, I will post their contact info here. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE follow up with them as soon as I’m able to post contact info. Together, we can rid our neighborhood of this menace.

  12. It sounds like this could have been prevented had the city been responsive to previous complaints. I’m hesitant lately to call in anything other than violent crime in progress as there is every reason to believe quality of life issues are no longer a concern. It takes a near lethal attack for a response.

  13. the dogs weren’t taken away? Pit bulls with a psychotic owner…thats truly terrifying!

  14. Why aren’t the Police and Animal Control allowing this to happen? Clearly both dogs and owner/handler have repeatedly been allowed to repeatedly break Laws and put harm/danger to innocent animals and people. If they’re waiting for another “attack” it might not end with anyone being able to walk away from intact. These mutants have somehow escalated to have far more protection and Rights than a Humans. People need to photograph, document and send everything to the Governors Office and our President! This is now a Health and Safety Crisis and becoming an epidemic with no signs of stopping.

  15. Since the dog broke skin on a human, it can be confiscated. Check DNA. Also, with all these attacks, this guy is using his dogs as a weapon..that is illegal. Go to the DA.

  16. Are the police going to wait until these dogs kill a child? They were obviously raised to be violent and basically are weapons. I feel bad for the dogs but they are dangerous. They need to be taken away from him. There also need to be stronger rules when it comes to owners of violent dogs.

  17. If the dogs have attacked before, why haven’t the police or animal control confiscated them? I assume NYC has dangerous dog laws. SMH, the authorities are just as much to blame for this attack with their failure.

  18. These dogs also attacked a small Chihuahua – result: touch and go emergency medical treatment The same dogs were stopped from attacking another small dog when the owner pulled the dog up and away from their reach Each time the guy has some story to say: “It is the first time”/or “the dogs thought the other dog was a stuffed toy”.

    I never want to see anyone lose their dogs or have dogs put down, but this has gone on for too long
    How has he been getting away with it?

  19. Can you describe the man and the dogs? There are plenty of responsible pit bull owners in the neighborhood but it would be helpful to know who to keep an eye out for. I’m in the park @ night with my big friendly dogs off leash (after 9) and am afraid to bump into this group. Thanks.

  20. The reason this guy has gotten away with it is because there are NO laws that protect dog on dog attacks in NY, and he knows it. The police will NOT file a dog bite report unless the dog bit a human. The department of mental health and hygiene, the same. 311 dog bite reports will only be taken if they bite a human. The only thing you can do is stay far away and alert your community. You can call 311 to file an unleashed dog complaint, a nuisance complaint and or an animal cruelty complaint and hope and pray they don’t bite another dog or human. Oh, and you need the name and address of the owner and give the location of where they were seen unleashed. So every time you see these dogs unleashed call 311 and file a complaint. Remember to follow up with the case #.

  21. I am not a dog owner but have seen this guy verbally attacking my neighbors on 16th. He is often out with his pit pack in the morning when we are walking to school. I cross the street whenever I see him. I’ve never seen the dogs off leash but I have seen this man come unhinged many times. I have whipped my phone out, poised to call 911, but for my children’s and my own safety never stick around. I am seeing red that this man is a repeat offender!

  22. I was across the street watching the fight and called the police. And then helped direct them towards him when they finally arrived. I’m not sure if I can be of any help Dave but yes post the ada info.

  23. Repeated issues and punched someone in the face and no criminal prosecution…either he is connected or nobody pressing charges but btching on social media…

  24. This motherfucker’s dogs have done this before. I’ve seen this guy several mornings while walking my pup to the park. He usually is off leash in Mayrose but sometimes he’s in the dog run on 18th street. They are pit mixes and it isn’t that pits are inherently vicious dogs, it is that these dogs are vicious and poorly trained and belong to an asshole. He should be arrested and his dogs should be destroyed. If only there were a high ranking city official who worked out nearby or councilman who could be reached out to…

  25. Carry pepper spray with you at all times, especially when walking your dog. They have kinds that are designed for dogs now as well, so they don’t do lasting damage.

  26. Seen this guy walk 3-4 large bully breeds on 6th & 18th, they growled at my pup as we passed. He’s far too small and weak to properly handle >1 dog. It’s not the dogs fault, always the owner. This guy is a piece of shit, get him off of our streets NOW!

  27. I’ve witnessed 6-7 attacks by his dogs, and have heard about 7-8 others, this guy usually leaves the scene before the cops arrive, last summer his dogs mauled an 88 year old mans small dog @ 5 in the morning, the dog had 30+ puncture wounds and almost didn’t make it, the old man was covered in blood and dirt from trying to rescue his dog. Just one story from the many I’ve witnessed…

    He usually verbally attacks his victims owners and community members that run out to help when this happens. He sometimes lifts the most aggressive dog involved in the fight in the air by just its neck..legs dangling in the air to punish it after a fight. His instagram account also shows photos of drugs for sale in small bags, saying dm me for purchase under the photo.
    He has been a menace to the area for years.

    These dogs are not the sweet innocent victims some “pit bull” lovers like to think, all four of his dogs when unleashed instantly run over to smaller dogs entering the park and viciously attack the smaller dog. I’ve seen it many times

    These dogs need to be euthanized, they are deadly weapons, Trained to attack.

    In a city with thins many kids, adults, dogs enjoying our few small green spaces, why should we tolerate vicious dog breeds like Pit Bulls? The park where this happens Mayrose park @ 17th st & 7th ave is not even a legal off leash park.

  28. I just saw this man outside of my window on 16th Street shouting obscenities at a woman with a smaller dog. Fortunately he (and his 4 dogs) walked away from her, but not before hitting one of his own dogs in the head two times. Are the police aware that he also abuses his animals?

  29. Does anyone happen to know the name of his dog walking business? I only ask because I will make a point to visit every neighborhood establishment with a bulletin board, yank his card off of it and tell the businesses why.

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