Something’s Fishy at State Dinner

sheepshead bites fish white house state dinner 2009
Sheepshead Bites Fish in Secret Service holding

Hi, All. It’s me, the Sheepshead Bites fish.

I know you haven’t seen me in such a long time. That’s because I’ve been on a long hiatus, which I decided to break last week by trying to crash the first official White House State Dinner hosted by President Obama.What better way to make my big re-entry onto the scene than by hobnobbing with Katie Couric and other members of the media?

In honor of the Indian Prime Minister, I borrowed this Indian costume from a friend and hopped on the Chinatown bus to D.C. Figured no cheaper way to travel than that Fung Wah.

By now, you’ve all heard that I wasn’t the only one who tried to crash the dinner — but, I was the only one who got caught at the gate!  I wonder why they let Michaele and Tareq Salahi in and why I got detained. Secret Service held me for questioning the entire Thanksgiving weekend. That beautiful long-haired blond and her wine-making hubby just got some free publicity for their upcoming reality show!

Listen, I know I’m not the prettiest fish in the sea, but I still think my lengha was shinier. I shoulda known all the golden thread on that thing was gonna send the Magnetometer off the charts.  I’m still fuming, though that I didn’t get in. What do you think? Isn’t it time that reality blogs and their representatives get a little respect around here? If the producers of the Larry King show want to arrange an interview — they know where to find me.