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Someone Threw Out Some Perfectly Good Snakes


Boa Constrictor by marcodede on Flickr

Imagine how surprised the employees of Finest Towing and Autobody were when they stepped out of their shop, noticed some bags were moving next to a dumpster, and discovered three large boa constrictors inside! (Note to self: never peek through those boxes marked “free” on area stoops so casually ever again, just to be safe.)

Well, that’s just what happened Monday afternoon at the shop on Baltic between 3rd and 4th Avenues, when owner Anthony Finest checked out the bags. He told DNAinfo that he’d thought it might be a baby, and this was the first time he’d seen anything like this in his 18 years at that location.

They’re not the first snakes to turn up in the area recently, though. Last April, a large one — which unfortunately didn’t make it — was discovered on 3rd Avenue near 25th Street.

Police managed to wrangle the Baltic St snakes and turned them over to Animal Care and Control, which will find them a much better home than a dumpster through their New Hope program.

Photo (not of one of these snakes) by Marcos André

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