Some Good Ol’ Sheepshead Bay Nostalgia

Photo Courtesy of John Landers
Photo Courtesy of John Landers

Reader John Landers sent us a picture of Jamaica Bay that might take you back in time. The image was taken in 1963 and is of the Columbia, part of a ferry/excursion fleet that used to sail from Sheepshead Bay to Breezy Point and the Rockaways. Landers noted that the shot of the Columbia was in front of an open Cross Bay Bridge. I’m guessing that this was before the bridge became ‘fixed in place’ by 1970.

Anyone remember riding this ferry or ones like it? Let us know.

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  1. Sure do. Riding to Breezy Point and back on a hot summer afternoon was how you survived without air conditioning in those days.

    A few years ago, for a friend’s birthday, we went somewhere up the Hudson (can’t remember) and one of these ferries was living a new life up there.

  2. Used to be one of the Captains, nice boat,nice lines, fast for her time! GM 6-110 diesel, swung a 4 foot wheel. Rockaway Boat Lines went out of business in 1982. Columbia had burned to the waterline in the 40’s and was rebuilt utilizing sister ribs bolted to the originals. Originally built in 1918 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Great memories, would love to see more pictures!

  3. A friend of mine, last name Donnelly, lived on Gravesend. Her Dad was a Captain also. Pretty sure it was the same line. I was at the wheel once…maybe 45 years ago.

  4. Needles weedles groomit and boon.

    Zappa pappsa meedle za toon!

    Blatta? MEEN! Boaties all go down. Beep.

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