Sofia’s Pizza: Major Competitor To Local Pizzerias

sofia pizzeria restaurant 10 2009 storefront

Is it possible for a reviewer to declare a restaurant a success after eating one slice of pizza?

Well, when the restaurant is mainly a pizzeria, the answer is, “maybe”. And when the pizzeria is Sofia, the ‘”maybe” becomes a definite “yes”.

Sofia Pizza Restaurant, with its clean dining area and lovely food display case, welcomes visitors who have a healthy appetite. Being the relatively new kid in Sheepshead Bay, the restaurant is competing with Del Mar Pizzeria, Bay Pizzeria and numerous other old-timers. And compete they will.

sofia pizzeria restaurant pizza 10 2009

The Sofia pizza slice is excellent. I got the first slice from the still-whole pie. The counter clerk heated it up to right temperature and I poured on all the spices. First bite. Cheese did not burn the roof of my mouth. Crust is crispy with no dark, overcooked spots on the bottom. Dough is cooked thoroughly and, yet, is not too chewy.

Tomato sauce is sweet, not syrupy; tangy, but not annoying. Slice holds up and doesn’t sag under the weight of the cheese. Taste is delicious, right down to the last bite of the unadorned crust area. Verdict: Sofia’s pizza is a major competitor to all others. Price competes, as well, at $2.25 a slice.

A steady stream of customers came in and were ordering from the numerous foods on display: Sicilian slice; garlic knots (ever so cute, smaller than others); pasta in various forms; rolls; calzones; and, get this: pan pizza!

The sign says that the place is  a pizzeria and pasteria. Having never heard that word before, I figured pasteria meant that Sofia would be the place to stop for some Italian pastry to go with my pizza. But with no pastry in sight, and with a wide array of food on display and in their glossy menu — I’m thinking the word pasteria refers to “pasta”. If you have any insight into this word usage, please let us know.

With its convenient location near a bus stop and great food, we expect this place to do well. So, I get to my pet peeve: why do they need to put those flags out front? To the owners of Sofia, we welcome the pizza but not the holes  you had to drill in the sidewalk in order to hold the flags in place. We can forgive you for February’s inspection — knowing that all is now well — but passengers trying to get out of a car parked near those flags will not be too happy.

Sofia Pizza Restaurant
2822 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(Between Avenue Y and Avenue Z)

(718) 513-6300
(718) 513-6301

Credit cards accepted: Discover, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, &  Diner’s Club International

Hours: Monday through Sunday 11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Free Delivery