Socially Distant Blues

Socially Distant Blues

My fridge is full, pantry too

So, why do I still feel empty inside?

I’m physically distant

but digitally connected

Scrolling from my couch

while couch-surfing in place

I have followers and friends

but nobody to share my life

Will I find comfort in this chaos

or discontentment in comfort?

I’m social butterfly, stuck in my cocoon

If I scream, will you hear me via text?

On my birthday, will you send me a GIF?

We’ll celebrate for real, soon, I hope

Inhale deep, make a wish for the future,

complete with no masks, no gloves, no fears

Remembering these days like a rite of passage,

a moment in history, a tale to tell our kids

For now, just like me from afar

I’ll always heart you back


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