Slice Of Brooklyn Pizza Tour Gets Show On Travel Channel

It looks like the Kiwis know a good thing when they taste it.

The New York Post is reporting that Tony Muia’s pizza-themed sightseeing tour A Slice of Brooklyn, may soon be coming to a TV near you.

The Travel Channel reportedly gave the green light for a pilot episode which, if you’ve ever seen Pulp Fiction, means it could result in a full-blown series.

The tour includes a trip to internationally renowned local pizzeria L & B Spumoni Gardens – but doesn’t stop at food. The itinerary also includes other famous Southern Brooklyn destinations, such as Brighton Beach and Bay Ridge’s famous Gingerbread House.

On their website, A Slice of Brooklyn also offers a tour of the Christmas lights in Dyker Heights, which could make for a nice holiday episode if the series takes off like we hope it will.

Muia was previously featured on the Travel Channel special Holidays in New York, hosted by Samantha Brown. You can check out the YouTube video above for a sneak peak at Tony on the tube.