Breaking: Six Car Crash On Avenue W!

Around 1:30 p.m. today, a little red Honda, traveling south on East 23rd Street, ran the stop sign at Avenue W, an action that eventually turned into an accident involving six vehicles, witnesses said.

After running the sign, the Honda proceeded into the intersection directly into the path of a white Access-a-Ride van that was traveling east.

The Access-a-Ride van hit the Honda, taking off its front bumper and then careened into a west bound blue van. Enjoying this merger, they then brought a silver Lexus into the party that was parked happily on the north side of Avenue W, knocking it up on to the sidewalk.

Of course the Lexus couldn’t leave its friend and companion, knocking the front end of a white van that was parked behind it.

Not to be out done, the little red Honda crashed into a blue parked car on the south side of Avenue W. Avenue W was not a good place to park today.

The driver of the little red Honda complained of chest and leg pains, but walked unaided to the ambulance. No one else reported any injuries.

As of 3:15 p.m., they are still towing away damaged vehicles and Avenue W remains closed between East 23rd Street and East 24th Street.