Sinterklaas in Canarsie, “Suburbification” in Brooklyn & More of Today’s Links


Yesterday, the “smoke a joint, save the subway” method of using potential tax revenue from legalized marijuana was proposed by a new study. Today, a Brooklyn lawmaker said there’s a better way to use the money.

Tenants rights have been an issue in New York City since the time of Jacob Riis—here are the 18 tenant protection bills currently in front of the City Council.

Back in October, a man died while handcuffed by NYPD in Flatlands. Now, his family is speaking out on what happened to their son and how the system failed them.

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Malls may be pushing out bodegas across the borough, so check out some insights into the “suburbification” of Brooklyn.

A proposal to raise tolls on the Verrazzano Bridge to $19 has induced a bit of road rage down in Southern Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Heights Association has suggested an alternate plan for repairs to the BQE, but they don’t think that denying donations to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is the right way to put pressure on the situation.

Canarsie celebrated Christmas old school, with a visit from “Sinterklaas” on horseback, a throwback to the traditions of early Dutch settlers of Kings County.

Unruly Santas will be running roughshod over Midtown this weekend, so it’s probably best to keep things Brooklyn-based. One suggestion? A tour of historic monuments in Prospect Park—Santa costumes not required.

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