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Signs Of Life At 7th Avenue’s Old Clover Barber Shop


clover barber shop
Looks like we’ve got some movement at 389 7th Avenue and 12th Street.

Our neighbors at Big Nose Full Body have applied for a liquor license at the old Clover Barber Shop location, according to a story first reported by Vanishing New York.

big nose full body liquor license sign
Owner Aaron Hans confirmed that he has indeed applied for a license, but noted that they¬†“just started the process and it usually takes about 4-5 months to get a license¬†from the State Liquor Authority,” so don’t expect any big changes until later this year.

The Clover Barber Shop location is definitely larger than the existing Big Nose Full Body, so it will be interesting to see what Aaron has in store for the space.

It’s always exciting to see a vacant property come to life, but like the old White Eagle Tavern on 23rd Street, we’ll be sad to see that fantastic Clover sign go.

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