Sign Series: No Unsolicited Advertising

unolicited advertising materials sign

This sign was seen posted on the inside of a storm door at a Gravesend private house and was supplied by the office of New York State Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz who represents the 45th District — Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Manhattan Beach, Midwood and Brighton Beach.

Judging by the advertisements, menus, flyers, and other paper left on doorsteps these days, the office might have to print up another batch of the brightly-colored warnings. Then again, many homeowners may not want something like this clashing with their house colors.

According to Oswalt Heymann, a spokesperson for Assemblyman Cymbrowitz, their office began printing these babies in March 2008. “[Cymbrowitz] is offering them as a service to his constituents since if unwanted flyers are not left on homeowners’ properties they have less to clean up, will not get a Sanitation summons and the community will be a little cleaner,” Heymann said.

The signs are available to download by clicking here, or you can snag a printed one at Cymbrowitz’ community office (1800 Sheepshead Bay Road) or by calling (718) 743-4078.