Shore Parkway Speed Camera Tops City’s List Of Ticket-Generators

Image via WNYC.
See that red dot there at the bottom? Yeah, that’s the spot. (Image via WNYC.)

It’s been a year since a speed camera was placed at the Belt Parkway exit ramp on Shore Parkway, between West Avenue and Ocean Parkway, and the results confirm what residents have long suspected: it is the highest revenue-generating camera in the city.

According to data culled and mapped out by WNYC, the camera at that location produced 55,719 tickets over 90 active days in 2014, at an average of 619 tickets per day, generating approximately $2.8 million in revenue from drivers.

As of today, that amount has gone up to 60,325 tickets over 105 active days, at an average of 575 tickets per day. That rate eclipsed all other cameras in the city, with the next highest revenue-generating camera in Queens on the eastbound lane of the Horace Harding Expressway at Peck Avenue producing a comparably paltry 36,860 tickets over 102 active days.

Sheepshead Bites first reported back in late September that the controversial camera doled out approximately 6,000 violations in just one day, according to Councilmember Chaim Deutsch. That estimate was then refuted by the DOT, which claimed in an email to us that they issued 1,551 violations on July 7, suggesting that that is the peak date.

But this new data comes as affirmation that “this camera needs to get moved ASAP,” as Councilmember Mark Treyger declared on Facebook this week.

“Not one student or person in general crosses this highway exit ramp [and] the location of this camera completely undermines and circumvents the intent of the state law to protect students crossing streets to get to school,” Treyger wrote. “Drivers aren’t given enough time to slow down exiting the highway and this gotcha location also creates safety issues by having drivers brake hard on the Belt Parkway potentially causing rear-end accidents. I’m doubling down on my call to have this revenue-generating camera moved to where students actually cross!”

The Shore Parkway camera also stands out from its camera-peers as a “money-making ‘speed trap'” for, as WNYC notes, “catch[ing] drivers exiting highways where there is no pedestrian crossing — here, one side is a fence. Transportation officials say it’s about safety, not money, and that cameras protect all road users.”

The other two camera styles utilized by the city are those stationed at busy intersections and those attached to roving police cars or other vehicles for a day or two at a time.

In our area, other cameras noted on WNYC’s map include:

  • Nostrand Avenue between Shore Parkway and Avenue Z: 490 tickets over 8 active days (most recently January 22, 2015)
  • Northbound Knapp Street between Shore Parkway and Voorhies Avenue: 55 tickets over 3 active days (most recently January 15, 2015)
  • Westbound Shore Parkway between Knapp Street and Batchelder Street: 1,234 tickets over 5 days (most recently December 4, 2014)
  • Knapp Street between Avenue V and Avenue X: 471 tickets over 6 days (most recently January 26, 2015)
  • Northbound Gerritsen Avenue at Devon Avenue: 714 tickets over 15 active days
  • Northbound Gerritsen Avenue between Devon and Whitney Avenues: 714 tickets over 15 active days

Browse all the camera locations and ticket numbers here:

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  1. Long island cameras were taken down as a case stated they are there solely for revenue generation and not safety. Just saying

  2. [citation needed] The simple fact that every person who says these are for revenue doesn’t take into account is that these cameras catch guilty people, not innocent ones. These aren’t red light cameras where someone can say that a yellow was short. and you have over 500′ to slow down from 55 to below 25/35 (depending on the time of day). It simply is the fact that these people were driving 10mph over the speed limit and were caught. The revenue just shows that DOT chose a spot where a lot of people speed, and therefore did a good job.

  3. Meanwhile criminals aka cops block their plates in order to avoid extortion by their fellow crooks….you are just a poor excuse for existence

  4. guilty? The city lowered the speed limit with the case that it will reduce pedestrian fatalities . These camera’s are all in places where there are few if any pedestrians. the camera on shore parkway with the most tickets is in a area where there is not street for the pedestrians to cross. A similar road near jfk has a 40 mph speed limit. It is an entrance to the highway where people speed up to go up an on ramp to a highway. It’s a dukes of hazzard speed trap pure and simple. It’s all about DeBlazio’s making thing EQUAL, It’s clear he is for the “black and brown people” where these camera locations have few off. The speed limit in these locations should be raised. The speed limit was not set to a safe speed for the area, they were set to maximize penalizing middle class people. Why aren’t pedestrians who are crossing against the light, running in front of traffic being ticketed. these people are guilty of breaking the law and putting their life in danger

  5. The assumption you make is a false one, that speeding cars are only a danger to pedestrians and that cameras are only to protect pedestrians. That area has cars exiting and merging into the through lanes, cars merging onto the on-ramp from shore parkway, and cars merging across 3 lanes to position themselves for a right turn at Ocean Parkway- all in a very short distance. This area is one of the perfect examples of where traffic calming, both by reducing the speed limit AND enforcing it was needed and works. There’s already a 13% reduction of accidents at these locations so it is working. To be fair drivers are getting off real easy since all they’re getting is a $50 fine since if a cop stopped them they’d be getting 3+ points on their license.

    Oh to your ignorant and bigoted statement, according to the map there are cameras placed in neighborhoods of all ethnic compositions, and you know what, they seem to drive safer than us. Southern Brooklyn has always been home to dangerous drivers and we should be ashamed of and working to fix that. Instead we have our local council members defending dangerous drivers because they feel they can win more votes by being sympathetic to reckless drivers who feel like victims. This isn’t leadership, this is preservation of the status quo at the expense of our communities and friends and families’ lives. For shame.

  6. Where are the cameras for the speeding cyclists whom mow down pedestrians on a daily basis?! Where is the justice?! What a bunch of crap. All about the Benjamins.

  7. actually you are wrong they do not catch guilty people. they take a photo of the vehicle and send a bill to the registered owner. its a blatant violation of due process.

  8. LOL. Yes, all these cyclists are mowing people down that it’s so statistically negligible. Let’s focus on that instead of the 200-300 people killed annually, or the I forget 15k car accidents. Right.

  9. It is bad public policy to use speeding violations to raise revenues for government. That is why places like Arizona and Nassau County have removed Cameras. Look it up…years ago, car-advocacy organizations like AAA fought for years against Southern states’ speed traps prior to the building of I-95 to Florida. The small town Sheriffs used the same argument that Basdj presents in our site. It’s mostly bunk. Now, NYC is becoming at 21st Century speed trap, basically a new tax without our consent.

  10. Just got a ticket for having a CLEAR plate cover, but cops block their plates with prisms or totally blacked out plates, hypocrite b@stards.

    Their getting sneakier too, alternative side parking was suspended on friday, so the b@stards are still making their rounds to find other things like expired inspection stickers, expired registrations, license plate covers, etc. I’ve had that cover on for 10 years and been stopped by the cops multiple times, and never have I received a ticket before.

    Then the cops wonder why the publc is pissed; harassing the public for such minor issues, when most know its just another revenue scheme. Meanwhile they should be going after terrorists.

  11. Everyone who received a speed ticket on the camera is simply obliged to provide the address of the camera !!!! This information will protect us drivers from legal robbery !!!!!

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