Shopping Center Coming to Coney Island Ave at Avenue H

Shopping Center Coming to CIA at Ave H

The corner of Coney Island Avenue and Avenue H, which most recently had an auto repair business, will soon be turned into a shopping center. David Koptiev from Platinum Realty Associates, which is developing the site, tells us that they haven’t rented any of the stores yet, and that they hope to start construction in the next few months.

The developers are known for converting old gas stations into retail areas, typically featuring major national chains. They recently took over a site that had previously faced controversy in Queens, where locals believed the construction would lead to a hot-sheets motel. As the new owner, Koptiev insisted it would be a regular, bustling commercial corridor.

Permits have been filed for full demolition of the buildings on the premises, and it looks like they plan to subdivide the lot into three new zoning areas. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Update, 12pm: This story has been corrected. It previously suggested Platinum Realty was the developer responsible for the controversy in Queens, which is not the case.

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  1. To be fairer in reporting this story, you should note that developer Koptiev of Platinum Realty was NOT the developer who planned a hot-sheets motel at the Queens site. He bought that site from the controversial developer, and then built a strip mall and according to the linked news article, was looking for such tenants as Seven-11 or Dunkin’ Donuts — which made the neighborhood happy. Although I’m not sure that type of store is what the neighborhood actually needs, the developers themselves seem pretty straight-up — and it’s better than having the sidewalk turned into a used car lot, which is what was happening before at the corner of H and Coney Island Avenue..

  2. Interesting that they’d do freestanding retail, rather than ground floor retail with apartments above, which the zoning allows. They’re leaving a lot of development potential on the table. I guess the market just isn’t there for residential on Coney Island Avenue.

  3. Actually, they submitted plans to build a 3-story building with ground floor retail and offices on floors 2 and 3. The submitted plans have been disapproved (four times, thus far).

  4. If a hot-sheets motel is what I think it is, I think it’d be kinda fun to have in the neighborhood!

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