Shopping Carts Blown Away By October Storm?

Today is Friday. Yesterday was Thursday. Did anyone notice something missing?

For those of you who are not fond of the Shopping Cart Series (is there even such a person?), you would not have noticed that there wasn’t a post, yesterday, to annoy you.  For the regular followers of the now infamous characters tooling around Sheepshead Bay and roundabouts, you might have been wondering why there wasn’t a post to delight you.

Were shopping carts sent rolling away by the heavy winds in yesterday’s severe weather? That may have been the case, but since the shopping carts’ alter ego was under the weather, this activity could not be recorded.

There are enough shopping carts in compromising, yet reflective, positions for us to post near endlessly . So, loyal followers, never fear — your friendly,”morbid“, hardworking, intellectual shopping carts will be back next week to wax poetic (let’s hope not with a vengeance).

For you haters out there, never fear: one day the Shopping Cart Series will end. Just know that when that day happens, you’ll have to contend with their ghosts.