Shopping Cart Series: Zombie Cart Back To Haunt

Shopping Cart's Night of the Living Dead (Photos courtesy of terrified readers)

Just in time for Halloween, a dead shopping cart rises from the dead.

[Cue scary voice and creaky floorboards.]

Yes, it’s me…Mwahahahaahhaha!!! You will remember me, pictured here, here, and here (is that me all cut up into a jigsaw?).

Bet you thought I was dead. Well, you would be right. I was dead, and I’m still dead, but that doesn’t stop me from coming back to HAUNT you!

Here I am, rising from the murky waters of Gravesend Bay

For your own sake and the sake of your family, don’t think I’m just a shopping cart in costume (algae, webs, and all).  I’m really alive from the dead. Normally, it’s impossible to photograph zombies, but these amazing readers were able to capture me on that night of the living dead. See? This is proof that this is something supernatural.

I’m a zombie, a soul eater, and worst of all, a timesapper. So, watch your fingers as you type your comments, all you shopping cart haters. Don’t blink your eyes, you serious newsreaders. I’m back and ready to attack.

Cut me up, bury, or drown me and risk being the next ghoulish headline. Or say hello to horror, and check out these photos of me coming back to haunt you.

Happy Hallooooweeeen!!!!

And now I wheel off into the dead of night... mwahahah!

Creepy photos courtesy of Lisanne and nolastname.