Shopping Cart Series: Trees Fell, Trapped Me

Blue shopping cart trapped by fallen tree. (Photo courtesy of nolastname)

When I heard that there was a major storm headed our way, I got scared for all of us stuff so mercilessly left stored outdoors. You can’t see it in this picture, but my friend, Kid Tricycle, got mangled under one of those trees. On the other side of me, Rusty (the old rusted propane tank), got spared by the tree. Thank goodness for that, otherwise, we would have all been blown to smithereens.

Cleanup is happening where trees fell on houses, but I guess no one cares about blocked streets and trapped shopping carts. Forget leaning trees, we’re talkin’ the Fallen Tower of Pisa, here!

So, if anyone out there feels something for little Baby Blue, come on over and rescue me by Avenue U and East 55 Street. As far as I know, my wheels are still working. You can just put Kid Tricycle in my cart and roll us out of here.