Southern Brooklyn

Shopping Cart Series: Still Breathing

Shopping cart yellow stranded august 2010
No longer determined to die. (Photo courtesy of nolastname, August 2010)

Last week, when they first published my story, I thought I was taking my last breath — but, somehow, my diaphragm just kept on going.

The next day, when someone started taking pictures of me, it was early morning and I really wasn’t in any mood. Then, the photographer told me that life is like that. Every day is a sunset. Some days it’s a lovely sunset, some days pretty dull — but, there’s always a sunrise. Even if the clouds obscure it, the sun rises.

I suddenly felt some hope, and taking my last breath wasn’t the only thing I could think about. This ain’t no kind of life for a shopping cart, but things could be worse, I suppose. I mean, I could have ended up in the Gowanus Canal, instead of near Caesar’s Bay or whatever place this is.

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  1. This is clearly one of those shopping carts with a birth defect, you can see the basket is nowhere near the normal size. We should do more to assist and include shopping vehicles that are different so they dont feel so left out and despondent.

    People donate money for cleft palate surgeries in third world countries – maybe a collection can be taken up for some reconstructive surgery on this cart so his/her basket is more normal looking.


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