Shopping Cart Series: On The Ledge

Shopping cart hanging on the ledge. (Photo courtesy of nolastname)

My photograph was submitted way back in November of 2009! Yes, I said 2009.

Apparently, the editors were afraid of the mixed messages that might be sent by a shopping cart sitting on a window ledge. But, what’s the big deal? Let people think what they want. So, I’m an undersized cart perched precariously on a window ledge where there are no child-safety bars. So, what? I may be small, but I’m no kid and I don’t think I’m Superman. I was just hanging out enjoying a quiet morning view, so please don’t call the ACS (Administration of Cart Services) or they’ll arrest my owner for neglect.

It’s not like I’m thinking of ending it all or planning revenge by throwing myself headfirst onto some unsuspecting human.