Shopping Cart Series: Ocean Ave Bridge Maximum Security Prison

We saw this Waldbaum’s shopping cart, under lock and key, behind the fence of the Ocean Avenue Belt Parkway bridge.

At first we felt sorry for it, thinking “such a sad and lonely existence locked up behind that gate in solitary confinement” — until we remembered a news item which said that some thieves used a shopping cart to carry their loot from a victim’s house on East 18 Street and Avenue U.

Suddenly, our mood changed. If this is the very same shopping cart, then to it we say, “if you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime”. On the next parole hearing, let’s make sure this one never gets out.

[There is an ironic twist to this whole story. Some time after we wrote this post, we saw that the lock and chain are not wrapped around the gate. The only thing holding this cart back from freedom is a cellphone wire haphazardly twisted around the gate door.  Probably, when the cart has finishing reading the newspaper — it’ll make a roll for it.]